10 Reverse Mortgage Facts

Information on the Reverse Mortgage

Information on the Reverse Mortgage

The idea of a reverse mortgage can seem scary at first. Here is some material that may put your mind as ease.

What to Expect from Reverse Mortgage Conunseling

What to Expect from Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Before you can move forward in the reverse mortgage loan process, you must attend a counseling session. Here’ what to expect.

Call Reverse Mortgage Licensed Specialist

Your First Call with Our Licensed Specialists

A few of our licensed specialists share what it’s like when you call us for the first time.

Mortgage vs reverse mortgage

Reverse Mortgage vs. Traditional Mortgage

We compare traditional and reverse mortgages to help you determine which loan may be a better option for your financial goals.

Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage History

Discover the history of the reverse mortgage and how it has changed throughout the years.

Reverse Mortgage with Traditional Mortgage

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work with a Mortgage?

You may not know you can get a reverse mortgage when you have a regular mortgage. Read on to learn how it works and benefits you.

LESA Benefits

How the LESA Can Benefit Reverse Mortgage Clients

The LESA is a helpful tool for many reverse mortgage clients to ensure they are successful with their loans.

Home Underwater with HECM

Can Your Home Go Underwater with a HECM?

Discover the reasons you don’t have to worry about your home going underwater when you have a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.

Reviewing Reverse Mortgage

Reviewing the Reverse Mortgage

Learn more about the reverse mortgage, how to get one, and whether the loan is the right financial option for you.

10 HECM Facts

10 Reverse Mortgage Facts

Learn more about reverse mortgages with this set of 10 thoroughly-described facts.