• More Options For More People

  • by Haylie Presnell

Financial decisions are arguably one of the most difficult things to think about throughout life. You could fall victim to a financial hardship at any age, and have to make a decision that will best benefit you presently and in the future. Here at One Reverse Mortgage, we present multiple options for those of retirement age to aid them in tackling any tough financial situations that may come their way. In previous posts, we’ve discussed how a reverse mortgage can help you plan for your financial future, but today we’ll be discussing how our product could help you if you’re struggling right now.

Our licensed specialists have worked with many clients who unfortunately have complicated life situations. One client in particular stands out to ORM banker, Marcus Settles. This client was living almost down to their last dollar and was struggling to stay in their home. On top of owing a balance on their mortgage, they had many Homeowners Association (HOA) fees and back taxes to pay. These overdue financial duties caused our client to have to go back to work – even though they were retired.

With the odds stacked against our client, Marcus got to work trying to find solutions to help alleviate his client’s woes. By utilizing our wide range of products, Marcus was able to help this client pay off their current mortgage as well as pay off those lofty HOA fees that they had accrued. After working with him, Marcus’s client was finally able to break free of just having to exist day to day and could now focus on living out their retirement in true golden years fashion, without those looming debts holding them back. Because they no longer needed to worry about what bills would be paid next, our client was even able to utilize the flexibility of a reverse mortgage to pay for some of their other everyday expenses.

Marcus’s commitment reasserts the fact that at One Reverse Mortgage, our products, and our people, have the potential to help change lives and give you the tools to make these your best financial years yet. Whether you’re looking to reassess your retirement portfolio or are in need of finding a solution to a complicated mortgage situation, reach out to one of our licensed specialists today and they can provide an in-depth look into the products and services we offer.