Celebrating Retirement

The time has come. You logged your last 9-5, and now you don’t know what to do. You may be searching for something to keep you busy during the day and keep you excited about the future. Here are our top ten ideas for honoring your retirement.

Plan a Retirement Party

There are many different ways to celebrate the conclusion of your career in the workplace. Your celebration could be as small as dinner with friends and family, or something as big as a wild party. You could even do a theme, like something that is related to your presumed upcoming plans.

Go on a Trip

Chances are, when you were working, you were only given about two weeks off a year, which may have made traveling for extended periods of time difficult. Taking a trip somewhere intriguing or new can be a perfect way to kick off this new phase of your life. You could travel the streets of Europe or relax on a beach in the Caribbean – however you want to reward yourself in retirement.

Take Some Time to Relax

Before you do anything, you might just want to take a few weeks off and relax to let your body catch up. Work at an older age can take a toll on the body, so taking a week or two to sleep in, lay around, watch movies, and relax can allow your body to adjust.

Read More

Free reading is a time-consuming hobby that not many get to enjoy. Taking an hour or two each day to pick up a book is a great way to keep yourself engaged and continuing to learn more. Reading is also beneficial for stress reduction and mental stimulation.

Pick Up a Pen

Whether it is journaling, blogging, or authoring a book, writing down your creative ideas or life experiences is one stimulating way to pass the time. Writing is a way to think critically about yourself and gives you an opportunity to connect with others through similar interests and experiences.

Create an Exercise Routine

Taking some time out of each day to exercise and do some sort of physical activity is crucial to the retirement portion of your life. Besides the obvious health benefits of exercising, it also helps boost morale and benefits your mental state. Exercise also helps you sleep better, which can be a common issue among older retirees.

Learn New Hobbies

Maybe you never thought you would be able to cook anything edible, understand the game of golf, or even know how to drive a stick shift,; but the beginning of retirement is a perfect time to figure out if you have any hidden skills or just things you enjoy doing. Learning new activities keeps you excited and engaged in day to day activities and prevents you from getting bored in the retired years.

Enjoy More Time with Grandkids

Now that you’ve dropped your 9-5, you may want to pick up a shift with your grandkids during the day. Spending time with grandkids is a fulfilling way to spend retirement. It is time your grandkids will never forget – no matter how old they grow..

Start an Annual Event or Tradition

Start a cookout on the Fourth of July, a gift exchange on Christmas, or a walk with the neighbors every morning. Having a traditional event on the calendar can give you something to look forward to and create a purpose. You can even use this to check something off of your bucket list or keep in touch with friends, family, or coworkers.

Make it Last Forever

A tattoo, piece of jewelry, or plaque, can commemorate your new phase of your life and be a permanent reminder of your success. You are fortunate to be able to retire, so be proud and show it off however you choose.