As we age, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of new changes and trends in technology. Although we may be accustomed to the daily innovations we learned to harness in our youth, modern developments in technology could improve our lives tremendously. When getting ready for retirement, don’t just prepare financially – prepare for a new phase of life entirely. If you’re wondering what you might be missing out on from the world’s latest creations, take a look at the following gadgets and gizmos.

Wireless Internet Connection

Most of the following technologies wouldn’t work without a wireless internet connection. In order to fully take advantage of technology in your retirement, you should take steps to make your residence capable of accessing the internet. Nowadays, even nursing homes make use of wireless internet to give residents, visitors, and care providers the ability to communicate more effectively.

Tablets and iPads

Like a miniature computer in your hands, modern tablets provide a plethora of apps at your fingertips. Whether you’d like to surf the web, take pictures, listen to music, read, learn a new language, or play mobile games, getting a tablet gives you options to explore the internet and all that it has to offer. Tablets are lightweight, feature easy-to-use touch screens, and allow you to zoom in so that you can read large and clear letters.

Home Monitoring Systems

On top of standard security systems, many seniors also install home monitoring systems that use sensor devices to track movement. In some cases, these devices can be lifesaving for seniors who live alone either at home or in an assisted living situation. They are able to detect emergencies such as falls, report unusual behavior, and some devices can even track vital signs without intruding too much on privacy.


Worn as a simple wristband, this discreet activity tracker acts like a more sophisticated pedometer. It displays real-time activity stats such as steps taken, stairs climbed, total distance travelled, calories burned, and even the quality of your sleep. One higher-end model in particular allows users to track their weight, body fat percentage, and overall Body Mass Index (BMI). With a handy mobile app and numerous customization options, the Fitbit pairs well with a smartphone. Starting at around $100, you could gain a much more in-depth display of your daily activity.


As an easy-to-use, in-home medication dispensing system, Tabsafe provides a solution for seniors dealing with a complex medication schedule. This system reminds the user when to take specific drugs, dispenses necessary medications, alerts caregivers when a dosage is missed, and monitors overall adherence to prescribed schedules. Tabsafe has demonstrated the ability to improve medication adherence by over 96%, which may lead to superior health and better outcomes for seniors. Complimented by security features and online reporting, both users and their caregivers can benefit from a more consistent medication regimen.

TV Ears

For those with hearing loss, TV Ears can allow you to hear the television clearly without turning up the volume and bothering others. If you haven’t bought an expensive pair of hearing aids and your family is irritated when you turn up the volume, you can use this pair of earbuds to listen to the television comfortably without issue. The headsets feature comfortable foam earbuds that reduce room noise while allowing you to pick out each word clearly. This wireless headset weighs less than two ounces and rests comfortably under the chin so that it stays in place while the user is lying down.

Life Alert

For seniors living alone in a home with stairs or slippery floors, Life Alert may be a lifesaving service. By wearing a pendant or wristband with a help button, seniors can alert proper medical personnel if they have fallen and can’t reach a phone. For those looking to preserve their independence and comfort while aging in place, Life Alert provides an extra layer of safety that may help to put your mind at ease.

Taking Advantage of Technology in Retirement