• Summer Sights in Southern California

  • by Austin Quinn

As summer surges on, Southern California beaches are once again brimming with tourists. The region boasts all sorts of natural landscapes and locales, from deserts and mountains to beaches, valleys, and suburban streets lined with palm trees. If you’re looking for a new vacation destination or simply an afternoon escapade in Southern California, check out the following options.


A quintessential American theme park for families with young children, Disneyland supplies its visitors with hundreds of opportunities for entertainment. With a fast pass in hand, the crowds melt away and Disneyland’s famous rides and roller coasters open up for exploration. Classics such as Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion are still worth your time if you’ve seen them in the past, and in all likelihood, Disneyland will maintain its crown as the pinnacle of family theme parks in the years to come.

La Jolla Cove

Equally populated by people, seals, sea lions, and seagulls, La Jolla Cove features a scenic series of tide pools, beaches, cliffs, and caves dotted by the barking sea lions and squawking seagulls for which this famed spot is known. Take a kayak tour for a close look at the cliffs, pelicans, and sea lion shenanigans, then stroll along the cove. This time of year, the ocean and sky are so picturesque that you’ll probably see a few wedding photographers in action.

San Diego Zoo

Home to thousands of creatures large and small, the San Diego Zoo boasts over 650 unique species from across the globe. Featuring lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, polar bears, tropical birds, and all sorts of fascinating critters from every notable ecological niche, the zoo provides hours of entertainment worthy of multiple visits. For those who aren’t as eager to walk back and forth across the 100-acre establishment, the zoo offers guided bus tours between habitats and enclosures, allowing you to see the beasts from a comfortable height and distance.

Catalina Island

Lethargic waves lap at the cliffs, brushing over the rocks and coating the bluffs with foam. The palms stand tall, their broad fronds whipping in the hot summer breeze. This mountainous island off the coast of Los Angeles serves as an excellent vacation destination for the adventurous traveler. Dozens of bays provide opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. Tall winding trails encircle mountainous peaks and offer many chances to spot local wildlife, including the famed Catalina bison. The quaint portside town of Avalon welcomes travelers with narrow roads dominated by golf carts. Quite the picturesque paradise.


For those with kids or grandkids, Legoland offers a fun and playful experience for the day. New rides, gentle roller coasters, water parks, and play areas keep kids engaged and entertained throughout the park. Unlike typical theme parks, Legoland emphasizes creativity as demonstrated by its “Imagination Zone” in which kids can create racecars and other Lego vehicles to race with other children. Speaking of race cars, the “Driving School” also provides kids with the opportunity to drive small Lego-themed carts. For the creative youngster, Legoland is a must-see.

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