“To be great at something, you have to embed yourself in the mission. You have to nearly be possessed by the calling. You have to know in your heart of hearts that you will achieve the picture in your mind that you can see so clearly. You have to sacrifice.” – Dan Gilbert

We stand by our convictions. At One Reverse Mortgage, we follow principles, values, and goals that drive us to succeed both in business and in life. This is our culture, and these are our ISMs. What we do may change in time, but who we are stays the same. We strive to always raise our level of awareness and pay attention to the crucial details that define excellence. We seek – no, we are obsessed with – finding the better way. We believe in doing the right thing. And, we believe that yes comes before no.

“Yes before no,” means more than taking an optimistic approach towards new ideas. We live the culture of YES. Each new idea is given a fair shot – even if doing so demands rigorous thought and extraordinary effort. We are not content in the status quo. We prefer the “status go.” We pursue innovation because we know that the path to growth is paved with positive potential. Innovation is not just a buzzword used in motivational speaking. Innovation is lived in, experienced by, and pursued by those who carry an unwavering resolve to accomplish something great. That’s why we maintain a steadfast determination to do what is right rather than blindly concerning ourselves with “who” is right.

So many businesses and institutions disregard valid and insightful suggestions from their team members because they simply don’t care for the input of those lower down on the chain of command. But that train of thought restrains growth and culls the opportunities lying in wait around every corner. No matter the source, a good idea is a good idea, and you can never be sure how strong an idea can be until you’ve explored its limits. Success comes from within, for companies as well as for individuals.

Humans are naturally curious. We seek to explore the world around us, and for many, even the universe beyond us. We seek to explore our own capabilities. Because we are so inquisitive, we are bound for higher discoveries and the potential for growth. That’s why “yes before no,” suits us. That’s why “yes before no,” is a natural product of our company — just like our loans. We see potential in every team member, every product, and every client, every time.