There’s a reason the reverse mortgage has received so much attention in financial news lately. It is the same reason many financial advisors are now recommending the program to their clients. The line of credit product can help you increase your retirement portfolio and help you plan a better retirement. In today’s Tune in Tuesday, licensed expert George Kapustij, explains how you can use this loan as a retirement tool.

Interested in learning more? We have an entire page on our website that is dedicated to using a reverse mortgage as a retirement tool. In it, you’ll find a few ways to use it in your retirement planning, one example of how someone did it, and a graph. You can also learn more from a licensed specialist who will take the time to listen to your individual situation and help determine the best option for you.

Are you looking to use a reverse mortgage a different way? We offer a range of products that can best suit your needs. The HECM for purchase allows you to purchase a home using a reverse mortgage, while afixed rate loan disperses money in one lump sum to help you pay off debts, make home improvements, or pay for living expenses. There are many program options for you when it comes to your retirement and how you want to live it.