• Online Resources for the Senior Traveler

  • by Lauren Russell

One of the joys of retirement is having more time to enjoy it. That includes filling it with travel. Winter months bring an even greater desire to travel because you may want to visit with family over the holidays or escape the cold weather by going somewhere tropical.

However, with seven continents, almost 200 countries, and countless cities in the world, picking a place to travel to can be intimidating. Add to that the task of booking a hotel, buying airfare tickets, and deciding what to see and where to eat, you may just give up and think that gazing at the picture on your computer screen is good enough.

Luckily for you, there are a plethora of online resources for the senior traveler that help you fulfill wanderlust with actual experiences – not just daydreams.

Road Scholar

Road Scholar is a non-profit educational travel organization that provides national and international trips geared toward seniors. The organization plans the trip by picking the dates, accommodations, flights, meals, and activities that may include lectures, performances, hands-on experiences, and field trips. You can research each trip by clicking on its link, which will lead you to an info page with itinerary, highlights, and even notes that tell you how much walking and other activity is required. With 5,500 tours available – at least one in every state and in 150 countries – there’s something for almost every traveler.


ElderTreks provides travel opportunities for people 50 and older. The company takes care of the hassle of planning a trip by planning the meals, accommodations, and domestic transportation. ElderTreks also provides the itineraries that take you off the beaten path. The company makes your trip more personal too. You can travel in a small group of no more than 16 or hop aboard an expedition ship, which provides a much more intimate experience than big cruise ships. ElderTreks provides a number of traveling opportunities including hiking trips, sea journeys, polar experiences, and adventures in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Over 50 and Overseas

Over 50 and Overseas provides international volunteer and travel opportunities to those who are 50 and older. Created by a past Peace Corps member and United Nations volunteer, Over 50 and Overseas is a resource for those looking to travel internationally to volunteer. On the site, you can select the kind of work you want to do or where you want to volunteer. Click on the various opportunities to find a list of international organizations you can contact to work with. Each organization on the list has confirmed that it includes volunteers who are over 50.

Senior Women’s Travel

Senior Women’s Travel is a travel group for women who are 50 and older who may be widowed, divorced, single, or married to, as one client put it, “a fuddy-duddy husband” who doesn’t want to travel. The company provides no-hassle trips to various places including Rome, Montreal, Buenos Aires, and Berlin. There are also grandmother/granddaughter trips and trips that are open to men and women of all ages.

Funding your Excursion

While these resources are great at helping you find and plan your dream trip, they may not be very helpful in funding it. A reverse mortgage makes traveling more feasible by allowing seniors to use their home’s equity to enjoy a retirement that is free from financial burden. It pays off your monthly mortgage* with any remaining money going to whatever you choose – that includes travel. While you are still required to pay your taxes and insurance, you’re still saving money by not paying a monthly mortgage. This money you’re saving, why not use it to travel? If you’re interested in learning more about how a reverse mortgage can help you afford to travel, contact one of our licensed experts today.

*Homeowner is still responsible for taxes, insurance, and property maintenance.