Retirement can become boring quick with the same repetitive routines. Here are a few ways to spice up your retirement and keep you active!

Take a vacation

You have been working for 40 plus years, it’s time for you to relax. Take a nice vacation somewhere, you deserve it!  Click here for a few top vacations spots to check out.

Learn a foreign language

Not only does learning a new language keep your brain sharp, it also can come in handy if you plan on taking a trip to a foreign country.

Find a new hobby

Gardening, painting, yoga, aerobics, the list goes on and on! Try and experience something new and exciting, you have the time now why not make the most of it?

Join a book club

Now that you have the time to read and enjoy books, find a group of friends and discuss the books together. Social interaction is great for the mind and body.

Become a master chef

Learn to master the kitchen in your free time by joining a cooking class. Consider taking a friend with you as well, you will be able to help each other learn as well as share new cooking ideas with each other.


Make your retirement matter and put your time to good use. Many libraries, hospitals, and animal shelters need the extra help. Call around and see if you can volunteer your time a few days a week.

Become a mentor

You have experienced a lot in your time and have a plethora of knowledge you can pass on to the youth. Keep your legacy going and find a young one to mentor.

Get your degree

Finishing your degree will not only be extremely satisfying, you will also continue to stimulate your brain and keep you sharp. Many universities now offer senior discounts and online courses making it even easier to go back to school.

Start Blogging

Find your passion and begin writing a blog. Blogging can  a great hobby as well as extremely therapeutic.

Spend time with the grandchildren

There are lots of fun activities for you and your grandkids to enjoy together such as collecting items, swimming, and karaoke. For a full list of activities to do with your grandchildren click here.

Try out a new sport

Keeping yourself moving in retirement will do wonders for you as you age. Try picking up a new sport or activity such as golfing, tennis, swimming, or biking.

If you are reading over these activities baby boomers, and thinking you would love to try them but don’t think you have the funds to do it, you might consider a reverse mortgage. If you are 62 years of age or older, you may be able to qualify for a reverse mortgage, which turns the equity in your home into tax-free* cash for you to spend however you see fit. To find out if a reverse mortgage is right for you speak to one of our reverse mortgage experts or click here to learn more!

*Please consult with your financial advisor.