• Easy Tricks to Lower Your Grocery Bill

  • by McKenna Meyer

Coupons don’t seem to have the appeal that they used to have on thrifty shoppers.

With everything online, cutting coupons out of the newspaper and then remembering to take them with you to the store seems to be a thing of the past. Luckily, there are other ways to save on groceries without having to bother with clipping coupons!

Here are Today’s money-saving strategies for the grocery store:

  1. Buy in bundles – we know that mega-stores like Costco offer great deals if you’re buying in bulk. However, buying in bulk just doesn’t make sense for items like fruit and produce once you no longer have hungry teenagers and starving college students at home. You can still save big when it comes to buying products in small bundles like a 12-pack of Chobani yogurts instead of purchasing individual cups. Buying bagged vegetables like potatoes, lettuce, or onions is also cheaper than buying individual items by the pound.
  2. Avoid pre-packaged meats – surprising right? Even though you may assume that pre-packaged deli meats are going to be less expensive since they come mass-produced and stamped with expiration dates, it is actually cheaper to buy meats from a deli counter rather than from a commercial brand. Meats and cheeses at the deli counter are not only fresher, but they can also be less expensive because they are coming from the local grocer rather than big brand-name companies.
  3. Check out clearance counters – clearance sections often get an unnecessary poor reputation. The products in these sections are often only marked down due to incoming product shipments and a need to save space. This is also the place where you will find perfectly good Halloween candy and other items strictly in this section now that they are out of season. Be mindful of expiration dates but don’t rely on them. Until the United States develops a uniform system for expiration labeling, it’s best to use the label as a guideline and rely on your own senses to determine whether a product is safe to consume.
  4. Try Walmart’s organic line – Walmart now offers a “Wild Oats Marketplace Organics” line that is 18 to 40 percent cheaper than organic products at similar grocers. Similarly, Trader Joe’s offers a number of specialty products all at a cheaper price than big-name supermarkets without compromising quality.
  5. Sign up for subscriptions – grocery necessities like bottled water, detergent, and dish soap are routine expenses that you could be saving on through a monthly home-delivery subscription. Not only is this a great option for seniors who need some assistance when it comes to grocery shopping, but grocery delivery could benefit anyone who doesn’t want to bother with regular trips to the store for basic items. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program as well as Target’s delivery program for Target REDcard holders are two reputable and reliable services that could save you up to 70% through a subscription rather than an in-store grocery purchase.
  6. Download an app – if you miss browsing through local papers for coupons, you may enjoy an app on your smartphone that serves the same purpose. Flipp allows you to manage your shopping list and receive store flyers all on your iPhone or tablet. Similarly, there are websites like SundaySaver.com which will inform you of sales across a number of departments perfect for running errands.

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