• Beyond the BBQ – Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day from One Reverse!

  • by McKenna Meyer

As the last week of May teases us with some summer weather, it is too easy to mistake Memorial Day for a much-needed three-day weekend to kick off the summer season.


We often forget that Memorial Day is a time to remember the veterans who have served our country and their families who have made sacrifices for our freedom. Make this Memorial Day a time to remind your friends and family why we observe the holiday. Your grandchildren would love to hear all of the incredible stories you have so take this opportunity to educate them on what Memorial Day means to you.


For our younger patriots, Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with the seniors in your life! Enjoy the weather by eating outside or having a family BBQ. Reflect with the rest of the country by observing the National Moment of Remembrance at 3pm. –it’s actually the law!! Many Americans don’t know this, but Congress passed a law in December of 2000 that requires Americans to pause for a moment of remembrance at 3pm on Memorial Day. So, however immersed you are enjoying the beach, watermelon, and mom’s famous potato salad, -take a moment to remember what this holiday is about. What’s great is that the moment is meant to be voluntary and informal so that everyone can observe the holiday in their own way.


Check out these Memorial Day facts that you can share with your loved ones this weekend:

  1. Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day with the first “Decoration Day” held May 30, 1868. Decoration Day became known as Memorial Day in 1882, but the name didn’t fully stick until after World War II.
  2. May 30th was selected as the date for Decoration Day because no Civil War battle had taken place on this day. The day was then moved to the last Monday in May under the National Holiday Act in 1971.
  3. Memorial Day has its roots in Waterloo, New York where the first Memorial Day celebrations were held in 1868.
  4. Since the 1950s, American flags have been placed at over 260,000 headstones in the Arlington National Cemetery the Thursday prior to Memorial Day. Following the flag placement, 1200 soldiers of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, patrol the cemetery for 24hrs per day over the weekend to make sure that each flag remains standing.


Celebrate Memorial Day this weekend by attending a patriotic parade or wearing poppies! This tradition began in 1915 during WWI. John McCrae, a soldier fighting in Belgium wrote a poem titled, “In Flanders Field” after he was moved by the appearance of thousands of blooming red poppies amidst a warzone where everything else had been destroyed. You can read McCrae’s poem and learn more about this tradition on this blog post posted by our parent company, Quicken Loans!


Have a wonderful Memorial Day from all of us at One Reverse and be sure to check out our Pinterest page for patriotic crafts and recipes that you can prepare with your loved ones this weekend!