• Searching for Ways to Look Younger?

  • by Kristen Curzytek

As we age there are certain areas of the body that will tend to show our true age over other areas of the body. Here are the eight areas of the body that tend to show age the quickest.

Your hair – Grey hair can happen to some of us before the age of 30. Most people start seeing gray hair in their late 40s. Either way grey hair is the first sign many people see when it comes to aging. Obviously the fix for grey hair is to dye it but it can be a huge undertaking. Starting to dye your hair too late after its already gone grey will be an obvious change you are making. If you get it right as it is starting you can avoid anyone for really noticing. Or you could embrace the grey!

Eyes –Some say our eyes are the window to our soul. Crow’s feet and sagging eye lids can age any of us by 10 years. Eye lifts are one of the top plastic surgery procedures by people over the age of 50. Fixing the problem involves wearing sunglasses to avoid squinting and of course using a daily moisturizer.

Neck – One of the most over looked areas of the body when it comes to applying sun screen is the neck.  Our necks go through a lot of wear and tear. Fixing the issue starts with wearing SPF and moisturizing. Keeping that area covered when out in the elements is another way to keep this area of the body looking youthful.

Cleavage – Just like your neck your cleavage or chest endures a lot of the elements. Keep the area covered and wear SPF, even in the winter.

Elbows –Your elbows gets a work each and every day. Bending and stretching.  Sagging can happen over time. Fixing the issue of saggy elbows can be achieved through plastic surgery but you can improve the overall

Hands – Other than our face, our hands are the quickest to age. The key to keeping hands looking youthful is to keep them moisturized.

Knees – Just like your elbows, your knees get a workout each and every day. Quickly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgery fixes, knees have become the focus of looking younger. Knees are constantly bending and moving which wears on the skin’s elasticity giving an appearance of sagging.

Feet – Your feet take you from A to B. They survive the endless abuse of being stuffed into uncomfortable shoes and hot summers in flip flops. The best thing you can do for your feet is to get pedicures! Even grandpa should go a few times a year for a pedicure. A pedicure will remove dead skin and a moisturized massage that will help anyone’s over worked feet.

As you probably noticed the common fix of all these body part issues is to moisturize daily. Remember it’s not moisturizers but also drinking plenty of water. You can also help keep a youthful appearance by eating a balanced healthy diet each and every day. These tips can help you looking your best well into your golden years!

Kristen Curzytek is a writer for Retiring Wise.