• Osteoporosis: Doesn’t mean changing your entire lifestyle

  • by Danny McGuffin

So, you have been told that you have Osteoporosis, or your friend has been told they have it, or your family member has it. This does not mean you need to sit in your home and not do anything for fear of your body breaking down.

For those who do not know what Osteoporosis is, it is a bone problem that affects women over the age of 50 and men over the age of 70. It is a thinning of the bone tissue and loss of bone density over time.

Obviously upon hearing this, the very first thing that I think is, okay, my bones may be brittle, I should probably avoid doing things that will cause me to fall, or anything that may create issues. So lets pull up the recliner and sit in front of the television with the remote. If I am not moving, there is no chance of me breaking a bone.

Granted, I will not be able to go and play tennis any longer, nor will I be able to enjoy long runs with my dog at the lake. These could not be farther from the truth, in fact they can help you even if you do not have Osteoporosis. Granted, one should avoid anything that may create a risk of falling down or exercises that may cause fractures (Heavy Weight Bench Presses for instance).

By strengthening your muscles you protect your bones. Which will make the likelihood of fractures and bone breaks much less. Regular exercise can help create a better sense of balance so that falling down becomes less likely. We wrote an article on the benefits of Tai Chi last year and the message is still the same from that article as it is for this article. Tai Chi helps you in a plethora of manners, in movement, in flexibility, and in balance.

The most important thing about being told that you have Osteoporosis is that you can still do what you use to do, or you can start doing things that you did not do before (like exercise), you just need to be a little more careful. If you like hiking, make sure that you do it during the day, make sure that the path that you are taking is well traveled and free of brush and anything that may cause you to trip. Wear comfortable boots that have solid tread on them to prevent slippage.

Osteoporosis is not a license to sit back and dwindle away out of fear of breaking a limb. With a combination of medication and exercise, you can protect yourself and help build up your bone density again. All Osteoporosis will mean is that you will need to be more careful when are doing these activities.

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Another thing that you should think about is getting your home set up so that you do not get injured while you are at home. This means adding a grip bar to help you get on and off of the bathroom toilet, or the bathtub. If you have stairs, maybe looking into a method to get transported up and down without fear of falling down. You can look into a reverse mortgage to help pay for these additions to your home.

Most importantly, get to a doctor and have the doctor help create a plan that will help protect you.