Easy Exercise – Swimming or Water Aerobics

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10 Hobbies to Take On in Your Free Time

Fill your new-found free time with some of these fun and exciting hobbies.

Health Benefits of Swimming

  • Crystal Tillett

Looking for a low-impact exercise? Here’s why swimming is a great choice.

Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

  • Lauren Russell

How you exercise depends on your body’s limitations. We share some of our favorite low-impact exercises fir those with bad knees, achy joints, or arthritis.

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“You’re too old to do that.” Have you heard this?[…]

10 Easy Exercises For Seniors

  • Kristen Curzytek

As a senior it can be hard to stay fit[…]

Easy Exercise – Swimming or Water Aerobics

  • Kristen Curzytek

A great exercise that is easy to do all year[…]