Estate Planning: Will or Trust?

Why Pay Off a Reverse Mortgage

Estate Planning: Will or Trust?

When it comes to estate planning, there are two common options to choose from: creating a will or a trust.

Dispelling Myths

Dispelling Reverse Mortgage Myths

Unfortunately, there is some information surrounding reverse mortgages that is simply a myth.

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Tune in Tuesday: Moving Forward in Reverse

Today on Tune in Tuesday, we’d like to establish some[…]

Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage Glossary

We know reverse mortgages can be a complicated topic.

10 Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

10 Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a versatile financial tool that can be used for immediate needs or to plan for the future.


Saving for Retirement with the Four-Box Strategy

With the four-box strategy, you can gain a better understanding of your cash flow using a plan that compares your income and your expenses in a manner that’s easy to grasp.