Social Media 101 for Seniors

10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft can be devastating to your finances. Use these ten tips to help protect yourself from someone stealing your identity.

Facebook Safety 101

Learn what NOT to do on your Facebook profile!

Food for Thought Friday: The Bacon Trend

Among the many food trends throughout the years, bacon has remained. We take a look at how and why bacon has become so famous.

Most Common Mistakes Made Online

A close look at the most common mistakes made on the internet today that could lead you into trouble.

Avoiding Social Isolation

  • Lauren Russell

Social isolation is not only bad for your mental health; it can also affect your physical health as well. We share a few ways to avoid it.

Social Media 101 for Seniors

Social Media has taken the internet by storm, quickly becoming THE source for news, gossip, and trending topics. We share how to navigate each popular site.