The Top 3 Healthiest States for Seniors

The Health Benefits of Stretching

  • Lauren Russell

Stretching doesn’t just improve your flexibility. There are a plethora of health benefits to stretching the muscles.

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Drum Therapy

  • Austin Schachinger

While some people see the act of banging on drums to be a stress-inducing racket, others find it to be a stress-relieving practice. Find out how drum therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, and control pain.

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No matter how many manicures and haircuts you get, growing healthy hair and nails starts from the inside. We take a look at the nutrients you need to strengthen hair and nails and some of the foods that contain them.

Ways to Get Calcium Other than Dairy

Calcium builds stronger bones and healthy teeth, muscles, and skin. If you’re lactose intolerant, skip the milk and other dairy products and try one of these foods that give you a good dose of calcium.

Food for Thought Friday: Spices

One Reverse Mortgage shares information about a few spices that work in a number of dishes and keep bodies healthy.

Why Older Americans are More Financially Vulnerable

We share important facts about why seniors are more financially vulnerable and gives helpful tips to avoid the costly scams.

The Top 3 Healthiest States for Seniors

  • Austin Schachinger

Wondering where to retire? We take a look at the top 3 healthiest states for seniors according to the 2015 America’s Health Ratings Report.