Food for Thought: Health Benefits of Ginger

Staying Active

Staying Active on a Retirement Budget

It’s important to know that there are other ways you can maintain an active lifestyle in retirement.

Guide for Special Needs Seniors

Special Needs Seniors – Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population

With the right resources, you can create a plan of care that will ensure your loved one’s needs – from healthcare through financial – are well met throughout their retirement years.

Stay Nourished, Use the Freezer

Malnutrition can cause a multitude of health problems and put you at risk for falls. Find out how to use the freezer to avoid malnutrition.

Creating a Better Sleep Space

  • Lauren Russell

Many older American are not getting the sleep they need. While there are many factors at play, a good place to sleep shouldn’t be one of them. Learn how to create a better sleep space.

Food for Thought: Foods that contain Vitamin E

Vitamin E is chock full of antioxidants that help boost the immune system. Find out what to eat to get your daily dose.

Avoiding Malnutrition

  • Lauren Russell

Malnutrition in seniors is more prevalent than you may think. We explore what may cause malnutrition, the symptoms to spot, and how you can help avoid it.

Food for Thought: Greek Yogurt Facts

We explore the popularity of Greek yogurt, how you can use it, and how to get the most health benefits from each spoonful.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

This Valentine’s Day, indulge without the guilt. Many studies show that chocolate has a few health benefits. We explore them here.

Food Allergies in Seniors

Food allergies are usually a “kid thing,” but did you know that seniors can have late-onset food allergies? We explore the topic here.

Food for Thought: Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has a number of health benefits, from fighting nausea to helping lower blood sugar. We explore its many uses.