Top Three Questions About Reverse Mortgages and Taxes

Guide for Special Needs Seniors

Special Needs Seniors – Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population

With the right resources, you can create a plan of care that will ensure your loved one’s needs – from healthcare through financial – are well met throughout their retirement years.

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Cutting costs can seem impossible, bit there are some ways to do it strategically. We explore a few options.

Ways for Seniors to Save on School

More and more of today’s seniors are going back to school during their retirement and there are a number of ways they can do it for cheap! We explore some ways to help you hit the books without breaking the bank.

Social Security Survivor’s Insurance

Learn about social security survivor’s insurance: what it is, who is eligible, and how much you can receive.

Most Common Financial Mistakes Made by Seniors

One Reverse Mortgage takes a look at some of the most common financial mistakes made by seniors and offers a few tips to remedy them.

Why Older Americans are More Financially Vulnerable

We share important facts about why seniors are more financially vulnerable and gives helpful tips to avoid the costly scams.

Discounts for the Senior Traveler

  • Lauren Russell

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Top Three Questions About Reverse Mortgages and Taxes

In honor of tax day, we’re answering the three most commonly asked questions about reverse mortgages and taxes.