Cutting Costs in 2016

What to Include in Any Senior Budget

Budgeting is an important part of managing your money. We offer a simple senior budget with categories and items to get you started.

Taking Advantage of Compounding Interest

Learn more about what compounding interest is and how people are using it to their advantage.

Living on Budget

Living Well On a Budget

Learn a few tricks to living well while living within your means.

Saving Money in Retirement

10 Ways Seniors Can Save Money in Retirement

Saving money is a bigger concern than ever before. If you’re about to retire or have already retired, check out the following tips on saving money.

Building an Emergency Fund

Emergencies happen unexpectedly and usually cost money. Build an emergency fund to help ease the financial burden of unexpected costs.

Money Market Accounts or Stocks?

We explore the world of Money Market Accounts and the Stock Market and discuss their differences.

Numismatics and Saving Money

Numismatics is the fancy name for coin collecting, and it can trick you into saving money. We explore the hobby and investment in today’s blog.

Intro to Meal Planning

Meal planning can help you save money and food while encouraging healthy eating. We explore its benefits and a few tips to getting started.

Tips to Avoiding the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning can really increase your electric bill. Here are a few tips to putting off turning it on as long as you can.

Cutting Costs in 2016

Cutting costs can seem impossible, bit there are some ways to do it strategically. We explore a few options.