Tune in Tuesday: E-Sign

Tune in Tuesday: About Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Learn more about reverse mortgage counseling and why it is an important part of the reverse mortgage process.

Reviewing Reverse Mortgage

Reviewing the Reverse Mortgage

Learn more about the reverse mortgage, how to get one, and whether the loan is the right financial option for you.

Tune in Tuesday: Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage and the Process for Getting One

After you learn the benefits of the reverse mortgage, we’ll explain the process for getting your loan.

Tune in Tuesday: The Home Appraisal

Learn more about getting your home appraised, an important part of the reverse mortgage process.

Understanding a Reverse Mortgage

Understanding a Reverse Mortgage

Educate yourself on what a reverse mortgage is and how it can assist you in creating your story.

Reverse Mortgage Underwriting

Due to special FHA requirements that apply to reverse mortgage transactions, underwriters have the important job of ensuring that both the applicant and the property that is being pledged as collateral meet FHA loan eligibility requirements.

10 Reasons to Choose One Reverse Mortgage

When it comes to making an important financial decision like getting a reverse mortgage, it is important to work with a company that is knowledgeable and will provide you with satisfactory experience.

The Process to Get a Reverse Mortgage

We explain the process of getting a reverse mortgage, including getting information on the loan, filling out an application, and closing.

Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Before getting a reverse mortgage, you must attend the required counseling with a HUD-approved counselor. We discuss what it is and why it’s important.

Tune in Tuesday: E-Sign

E-signature can make the application process easier for many clients, so it is important to educate yourself on what it is and how it works.