Reverse Mortgages – The Required Counseling Appointment

Tune in Tuesday: About Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Learn more about reverse mortgage counseling and why it is an important part of the reverse mortgage process.

Expiration Dates

Reverse Mortgage Counseling and Appraisal: Watch Out for Expiration Dates

Two requirements for getting a reverse mortgage are the borrower must attend counseling and have their home appraised. Because these are required, it’s important to know that these expire. If you wait too long, you may have complete them again.

Understanding Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse mortgage counseling is a requirement for anyone who is applying to get a reverse mortgage. We explore what it is and why it is important.


10 Frequently Asked Reverse Mortgage Questions

We answer the 10 most frequently asked questions about reverse mortgages.

Tune in Tuesday: The Reverse Mortgage Process

Wondering what the reverse mortgage process is like?

Reverse Mortgage Confusion Points

One Reverse Mortgage understands that the reverse mortgage process can be confusing. Let us help explain the process and clear up the confusion.

Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage Counseling

In order to get a reverse mortgage, you must first go through an educational counseling session to ensure you are away of all of your options. Learn more about counseling in today’s video.

Tune In Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Educational counseling is a requirement before getting your loan. Here’s why it is important.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling – What to Expect

One of the requirements of getting a reverse mortgage is that the borrower must attend reverse mortgage counseling with an objective adviser. We explain why it’s important.

Reverse Mortgages – The Required Counseling Appointment

One of the required steps of a reverse mortgage is[…]