Reverse Mortgage Break Down

Reality of Social Security

Options with a HECM Line of Credit

One of the advantages of receiving a HECM, or reverse mortgage, is that there are various ways you can get your money.

Tune in Tuesday: Who is Responsible for Paying?

Today on Tune in Tuesday, we’d like to describe the process of reverse mortgage repayment.

Home Maintenance

You Closed Your Loan, Now What?

It’s normal to wonder what happens next after closing your loan. We highlight some of the key topics you should know.

Reverse Mortgage Risks

HECMs can be a great financial tool and help seniors in all kinds of financial situations. However, the loan program is not for everyone. We explore a few risks that come with the loan.

Reverse Mortgage Break Down

Seniors who are 62 and older who own their homes[…]