Five Worst States To Retire To

Senior Spending

How Seniors Spend Their Money

From mortgages and healthcare, to education and leisure, seniors are spending money. We explore a few spending priorities.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Traditional Fixed Rate Loan

For those who need to borrow a large sum and are capable of repaying that sum (and more) over time, there is an option.

The Basics: HECM for Purchase

Get to know the basics of a HECM for Purchase through this One Reverse Mortgage informative article.

Debt Reduction: The Snowball Method

It can be hard to pay down debts. There are a number of strategies to doing so. Our writer gives the Snowball Method a try.

Getting a Reverse Mortgage When You Have a Mortgage or You Don’t

A reverse mortgage is beneficial for those who still owe money on their home and those who own their home free and clear. We explore how it is the same and how it is different for people with and without a mortgage.

What is a Financial Advisor?

Financial advising is a relatively new field, and it’s helping families plan a successful financial future. When it comes to retirement, financial advisors help people establish retirement plans and may even recommend a reverse mortgage.

The History of Reverse Mortgages

Much has changed since the first reverse mortgage of the 80s. Take a journey through time to learn about the maturation of the reverse mortgage.

What is a HECM

What is a HECM?

Many people have yet to understand truly what a reverse mortgage is and how it can benefit them. We offer a few facts including what loan options we offer and how each can benefit you.

Tune in Tuesday: The Difference Between a Traditional and Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is similar to a traditional mortgage in many ways. However, it does also have its own unique characteristics. Learn about the similarities and differences in today’s Tune in Tuesday.

Five Worst States To Retire To

There are a number of reasons some places are better to retire than others. We explore why Bankrate listed these states as the worst ones to retire to.