Top 5 Rental Communities

Health Benefits of Cherries

The National Cherry Festival starts this weekend in Traverse City, Michigan! Read today’s post to learn more about the numerous benefits of cherries.

What Makes an ORM Licensed Expert a Licensed Expert?

Our licensed experts go through a rigorous process to be able to originate loans and call themselves “licensed experts.” Learn more about what it takes to earn the title.

Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow!

We hate to admit it, but we in Michigan miss the snow! Here are some ways we are dealing with the lack of snow this holiday season.

Purchase a Home in Detroit with a Reverse Mortgage

Some people purchase a new home to move closer to family or live more comfortably in a city they love. If you want to call metro Detroit home, read on to learn how you can use a reverse mortgage to purchase a home in the area.

Purchase a Home in Tampa Bay with a Reverse Mortgage

If you’re looking to move to warmer climates or closer to family in Florida, we show you how a reverse mortgage can help you purchase a home in Tampa Bay.

How to Get Paid For Being a Family Caregiver

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The U.S. Labor Department projects that home health and personal[…]

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Top 5 Rental Communities

When my father retired in 2003, the first thing that[…]