Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons

Tune in Tuesday: Receiving Your Proceeds

Watch today’s Tune in Tuesday to see the options you have for receiving your reverse mortgage proceeds.

When Does a Reverse Mortgage Make Sense?

Every situation is different. Every financial goal is different. A reverse mortgage can make sense for a number of different goals and needs.

Tune in Tuesday: Line of Credit Growth Rate

Learn more about how the available funds in a line of credit grow over time.

Reverse Mortgage Proceeds

Ways to Receive Reverse Mortgage Proceeds

When it comes to receiving your reverse mortgage proceeds, you have four options. Learn more about each one here.

Using a Line of Credit

Using a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit

Learn a few of the ways people are using the reverse mortgage line of credit to change how they’re living their retirement.

HECM Products

All About Reverse Mortgage Products

Learn more about the various reverse mortgage products, including the fixed rate HECM and adjustable rate HECM.

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

The modern reverse mortgage has evolved into a flexible financial tool heavily regulated by government safeguards.

Financial Retirement Planning

Getting a Reverse Mortgage When You Don’t Need One

The modern reverse mortgage has evolved into a flexible financial tool suitable for a variety of retirement planning purposes.

Can I Run Out of Money with a HECM?

Take a closer look at the various types of payment options and ways that you can receive your money from a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Pros and Cons

This government regulated loan may provide the extra proceeds needed to establish a safety net for the future, but it’s not for everyone.