Celebrate Financial Independence Day

Licensed Specialist Tiffany Davis

How Miss Rogers Kept Her Home

Miss Rogers was 101 years old and didn’t want to[…]

Finance Terms to Know in Retirement

Finance Terms to Know in Retirement

As you get closer to retirement, your financial vocabulary will evolve. Here are some important terms that may catch your eye.

Piggy Bank

Side Hustles for Seniors

Check out how seniors are picking up a side hustle for some extra cash in retirement.

Retirement Income Taxed

How is Retirement Income Taxed?

Discover how your earnings are taxed in retirement and why type of income matters.

Your First Call to One Reverse Mortgage

The hardest part to learning more about the reverse mortgage process can be picking up the phone to call. We’re here to help. Here’s what you should expect.

Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Under $30,000

One way to save money is to decrease your gas consumption, and the best way to do that is by purchasing a fuel-efficient car. We take a look at some of the best ones on the market.

The History of Reverse Mortgages

Much has changed since the first reverse mortgage of the 80s. Take a journey through time to learn about the maturation of the reverse mortgage.

Five Reverse Mortgage Myths

There are many myths about reverse mortgages. It is important to know the facts. We debunk many myths and explain how a reverse mortgage really works.

What to Know About a Reverse Mortgage

Wondering what a reverse mortgage is? You’ve come to the right place. We answer such questions as: What is a reverse mortgage? What is the process? How do I qualify? and How will I receive my proceeds?

Celebrate Financial Independence Day

Fourth of July signifies the epitome of the summer season[…]