Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgages in the News


CBS Money Watch Explains Why HECMs Need More Respect

CBS Money Watch featured an article about how reverse mortgages “get no respect” and discussed why the loan should be taken seriously.

Reverse Mortgages on Today Show

Today Show Features Reverse Mortgages

The Today Show featured reverse mortgages on a recent segment about handling health care costs for aging parents.

Tune in Tuesday: Advantages of the Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit

Learn more about the reverse mortgage line of credit and discover why more and more finance professionals are recommending it.

Reverse Mortgages on NBC Nightly News

On Friday, April 22, NBC Nightly News ran a report on the reverse mortgage. We explore the report and provide some more information on the loan program.

More Positive Press for the Reverse Mortgage

This type of loan is getting more and more attention in financial news. We take a look at the next batch of positive articles on the reverse mortgage program.

Tune in Tuesday: Positive Press for the Reverse Mortgage

Wondering how the press feels about reverse mortgages? Lately, the loan program has received some positive feedback thanks to its use as a financial planning tool. Learn more on today’s Tune in Tuesday.

Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgages in the News

Reverse mortgages are receiving more and more positive press. On today’s video, our Regional Vice President explains how new FHA guidelines have made it one of the best mortgage programs for seniors.