Social Media 101 for Seniors

After you close with ORM

After You Close with One Reverse Mortgage

When you close with One Reverse Mortgage, you’re our client for life. Discover the ways you can connect with us even after you close your loan.

Facebook Safety 101

Learn what NOT to do on your Facebook profile!

Essential Oils

They don’t just smell good. Essential oils are believed to help alleviate ailments and help with cleaning. We explore this popular trend.

Tune in Tuesday: Our New Website

Wondering why the site looks different? Learn all about our new website design and all of the new features it has.

Tune in Tuesday: Advantages of the Line of Credit

If you can’t tell from all of the positive press around it, there are many benefits of the reverse mortgage line of credit. We explore those benefits in today’s video.

Saving for the Holidays

The December holidays may be months away, but taking action now could ease the financial burdens and stress that come after Thanksgiving.

Let it Snow. Let it Snow. Let it Snow!

We hate to admit it, but we in Michigan miss the snow! Here are some ways we are dealing with the lack of snow this holiday season.

Food for Thought Friday: The Bacon Trend

Among the many food trends throughout the years, bacon has remained. We take a look at how and why bacon has become so famous.

Most Common Mistakes Made Online

A close look at the most common mistakes made on the internet today that could lead you into trouble.

Social Media 101 for Seniors

Social Media has taken the internet by storm, quickly becoming THE source for news, gossip, and trending topics. We share how to navigate each popular site.