Encore Careers

Careers After 50: Reinventing Yourself

We explore how to change your career or start your dream job after the age of fifty.

Guide for Special Needs Seniors

Special Needs Seniors – Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population

With the right resources, you can create a plan of care that will ensure your loved one’s needs – from healthcare through financial – are well met throughout their retirement years.

Plan for Retirement

Smart Spending in Retirement

Whether you’re entering retirement with a hefty nest egg or a tight budget, you can take steps to make your later years as comfortable and secure as possible.

TIME Magazine Interviews Jane Bryant Quinn on Reverse Mortgages

TIME Magazine recently interviewed Jane Bryant Quinn, writer for AARP and author of How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide. We recap the interview here,

More Positive Press for the Reverse Mortgage

This type of loan is getting more and more attention in financial news. We take a look at the next batch of positive articles on the reverse mortgage program.

People Who Don’t Need the Money Right Now

Many people think they don’t need a reverse mortgage because they “don’t need the money.” However, they are missing out on a number of benefits they can still receive from the loan.

AARP Columnist is “Positive” About Reverse Mortgages

AARP columnist Jane Bryant Quinn had a change of heart about reverse mortgages. We share some interesting parts of her interview with Reverse Mortgage Daily.

The History of Reverse Mortgages

Much has changed since the first reverse mortgage of the 80s. Take a journey through time to learn about the maturation of the reverse mortgage.

Creative Ways to Age in Place

Seniors leave their homes in retirement as a result of a combination of[…]

Tips for Caregivers

  • Kristen Curzytek

If you’re in a situation where you might become a[…]