10 Terms to Know in Retirement

Using a Reverse Mortgage for Investments

Delaying the use of your retirement assets gives them more time to grow, which gives you more money when you finally do draw from them. Here’s how a reverse mortgage can fit into the plan.

Finance Terms to Know in Retirement

Finance Terms to Know in Retirement

As you get closer to retirement, your financial vocabulary will evolve. Here are some important terms that may catch your eye.

Retirement Income Taxed

How is Retirement Income Taxed?

Discover how your earnings are taxed in retirement and why type of income matters.


Reasons to Wait Until Retirement to Draw on Your 401k Plan

Learn the rules of drawing from your 401k and why you should wait until retirement to do so.

Silver Divorce and Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgages and “Silver” Divorce

You may have heard of using a reverse mortgage as a financial tool in retirement, but have you heard of using the loan as a tool in divorce?

Saving Money in Retirement

10 Ways Seniors Can Save Money in Retirement

Saving money is a bigger concern than ever before. If you’re about to retire or have already retired, check out the following tips on saving money.

Making Your 401(k) Work for You

You worked your whole life. You want to be able to enjoy retirement. A 401(k) can help, especially if you follow these tips.

The Fed Rate Hike and What it Means for You

Late in 2015, the Federal Reserve, announced it would be raising interest rates by .25%. We explore why that could be a good thing or a bad thing for you.

Oiling Your 401K

Lower gas and oil prices are hurting the stock market. What kind of impact do they have and how does this affect your 401K? We explore.

10 Terms to Know in Retirement

Retiring in today‚Äôs world requires a lot of knowledge of[…]