$625,500 Reverse Mortgage Lending Limit now a reality

The reverse mortgage lending limit has increased to $625,000 in the economic stimulus bill.

Economic Stimulus Bill: Reverse Mortgage Limit Increase Passed

The increase of the principal limit was signed into law by President Obama when he signed the economic stimulus program.

BBB (Better Business Bureau) Recognition for One Reverse Mortgage

Better Business Bureau has given us our A+ notification.

5 Most Common Reverse Mortgage Questions

The 5 most common reverse mortgage questions we get.

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Economic Stimulus Plan to Increase the Reverse Mortgage Lending Limit in 2009

This in essence will raise the ceiling of a reverse mortgage to 150% of the Freddie Mac limit, which would set the bar to around $625,500. If Freddie Mac’s limit changes, the HECM limit would adjust accordingly.

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What is Retiring Wise?

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