Preventing Foodborne Illness

  • Crystal Tillett

Find out how to prevent Foodborne Illness from happening to you!

Allergy Do’s and Don’ts

  • Lindsay Schachinger

Seasonal allergies come and go, but some allergens may cause you to suffer throughout the year. We list some do’s and don’ts to help you relieve your sy

4 Ways Owning a Pet Can Improve Your Health

  • Crystal Tillett

Take a look at these 4 health benefits that come from simply taking care of a pet (dog, cat, bird, bunny etc).

Video Games Could Improve Your Vision – and Make You Safer on the Road

  • Austin Quinn

Recent studies have indicated that video games could help improve your vision and keep you safer on the road.

Heat Strokes: What Are They and How Do We Treat Them?

  • Crystal Tillett

With record high temperatures being recorded this summer, check out what you can do to recognize and prevent heat stroke!

Water Aerobics Series: The Cool Down

  • Lauren Russell

In the final part of our water aerobics series, we share a few ways to cool down after your workout. This will help your body return to resting state and decrease your chance of getting dizzy.

Water Aerobics Series: The Workout

  • Lauren Russell

Follow this water workout to help build muscle and cardio endurance, while staying light on the joints and cool in the heat.

Water Aerobics Series: The Warm-UP

  • Lauren Russell

Now that the pools are open across the country, it’s time to get fit with a low-impact exercise routine. We share our favorite water aerobics warm up.

Lyme Disease Awareness

  • Lauren Russell

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Here’s what you need to know about Lyme Disease, how it is transmitted, and ways to help prevent it.

Creating a Better Sleep Space

  • Lauren Russell

Many older American are not getting the sleep they need. While there are many factors at play, a good place to sleep shouldn’t be one of them. Learn how to create a better sleep space.