Working in Retirement

If retirement life isn’t all that you thought it would be, don’t worry. There are many retirees who find themselves a bit bored during their retirement. One way to combat this feeling may be to find some work to pass the time. There are many exciting jobs that are catered for retirees. To help you learn more about what jobs are available for you, here are some of the most exciting jobs for retirees.

Uber/Lyft Driver

Being a driver is a great job for retirees who are looking to make some extra money. If you know your way around town and enjoy driving, this is the perfect job for you. As a driver, you have the flexibility of deciding what your hours are and what rides you want to take. This also gives you a great chance to get to know new people.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

If you love being around animals, you may want to look into becoming a pet sitter or dog walker. There are plenty of people who need someone to help watch their pet when they are at work or on vacation. If you don’t want to watch someone’s pet all day, you can also try dog walking. Dog walking is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. If these jobs are something you may be interested in, you should look online for opportunities near you.

Theme Park Staff

If you find yourself longing to find some part-time work, consider getting a job at a theme park, carnival, or fair. Many of the jobs at these events are catered for retires. Some common positions include selling tickets, front entrance operations, show attendant, gift shop employee, and more. If working at these sorts of events is something you are considering, make sure to check out the upcoming festivals near you.


Another job that is available for retirees is working as a salesperson for various companies. Some perks that come from this type of job include having the luxury of working from home and making your own schedule. If you have access to a phone, computer, the internet, and money for startup costs, you could start earning some extra cash each month selling products online. If this is a job you would be interested in doing, make sure you select a product you like from a reputable company.

Monetize Your Skills or Hobbies

If you enjoy hobbies such as crafting or gardening, you may be able to make some money from them. A common job for retirees is selling homemade products, such as crafts and vegetables, at local fairs. Along with making some extra cash, going to these events is a great way to get out and meet new people. If traveling is something that is undesirable or more of a struggle than it’s worth, you can also sell your homemade crafts online. Selling online allows you to still run your small business while being in the comfort of your home.

Event Staff

Whether you are a fan of the arts or sports teams, there is a chance you can get paid to help at these types of events. Working events is a great job for retirees because it allows you to enjoy yourself and get paid doing it. By being a part of the event staff, you can watch the event you are working and may receive other perks such as free or discounted tickets to other events.
If you are feeling dissatisfied during your retirement, consider finding some part-time work. This can be a great way for you to get out of the house, meet new people, and make some extra cash. There are a ton of fascinating jobs out there for retirees; you just have to do a little research.