• Tune in Tuesday: Reverse Mortgage Eligibility Requirements

  • by Lauren Russell

Before you decide whether to get a reverse mortgage, you should first see if you and your home are eligible for the loan. Eligibility requirements for the reverse mortgage include being a homeowner who is 62 and older and has enough equity in the home. There are other requirements as well, but we don’t want to give them away here. Watch today’s Tune in Tuesday to find out what it means to own the home as a primary residence and what kind of homes are and are not eligible for a reverse mortgage.

Now that you know whether you may be eligible for the loan or not, the next step is to get more information on the reverse mortgage, how it can benefit you, and what steps you can take to get your loan. Peruse our site to learn more. You can read reviews from some of our clients, learn more about One Reverse Mortgage, see where we lend, and get an estimate of how much you may qualify for with our reverse mortgage calculator.