Retirement Hobbies

Without a career taking up 40+ hours of your week, retirement may open your day up to more free time. This change may leave you feeling bored, unfulfilled, lazy, or even unhealthy. Keeping an active lifestyle is essential for a happy and relaxing retirement. Below are ten fun and relaxing hobbies to try out in your free time:

1.    Walking

For seniors, there’s a multitude of health benefits in just taking a thirty-minute walk every day. It’s free, it’s simple, and almost anyone can do it. Walking has an abundance of health benefits no matter the age, but it’s particularly beneficial for seniors. That’s because the activity and constant motion help promote and maintain mobility. From strolling around the mall, the park, or at the local fitness club, no other activity simultaneously keeps you in shape and keeps money in your pocket.

2.    Volunteering

Volunteering at fundraising events, local animal shelters, and senior centers can provide a great opportunity to keep socialization and self-worth strong after retirement. When seniors retire, it’s common for them to feel like they’ve lost their sense of purpose. Volunteering helps people feel like they are making a difference. And not only does it help the person volunteering; it also helps those in the community.

3.    Arts and Crafts

Creating something beautiful can be a calming and cathartic activity for seniors, especially because it requires a significant amount of focus. From painting and molding to knitting and photographing, art is a great activity because it channels creativity and provides a finished product to admire.

4.    Gardening

Starting and maintaining a garden can be both therapeutic and enjoyable. As well as getting your own vegetables and herbs out of it, you’ll also get some mild exercise from gardening, too.

5.    Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax, build strength and balance, and break a sweat all at the same time. As people grow older, the need for constant activity becomes more important to maintain mobility. Yoga also stimulates the mind and lessens stress and hypertension. Many health clubs and community centers offer yoga and guided meditation, often at a discounted price for seniors.

6.    Golfing

Golf is another healthy activity that adds a competitive edge. Spending some time on the golf course or at the driving range promotes an active lifestyle while improving flexibility and strength. Hitting the green is also a great way to keep active in the community with your friends.

7.    Swimming

Swimming is a low-impact form of exercise for seniors who suffer from osteoarthritis or any other joint pain. Swimming can also help improve cardiovascular health as well as help tone muscles, promote better posture, and lessen muscle tension.

8.    Travel

With no work obligations, retirement is the best time to pack your bags and travel the world. Whether you take an RV or fly around the world, traveling can allow you to experience new cultures and take in sights you’ve never seen before.

9.    Cooking

Baking and cooking new foods can expand your palate and introduce you to different cultures and diverse ingredients. For inspiration just turn on the cooking channel, grab a recipe book, or explore Pinterest for some new recipes.

10.  Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can improve memory, help you make decisions, and even improve your English. There are several websites and mobile apps that have made learning a new language much easier and more efficient than before.

Not all hobbies are viable options for everyone. When choosing a new hobby, you may want to consult a doctor to make sure it’s a suitable activity for you in your current health state.