• 10 Ways to Celebrate America

  • by Austin Quinn

Today on July 4th, the land of the free and the home of the brave celebrates its 241st birthday as an independent country. The United States of America has witnessed enormous change and accomplished many remarkable achievements in this relatively brief period of history. From the Model T to the moon landing, America has created some of the world’s most remarkable inventions and hosted some of history’s greatest minds. Join us as we recognize the continued success of the U.S.A. with the following ten ways to celebrate the 4th of July.

  1. Honor the Flag – Just like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Independence Day is also a great occasion to post an American flag near your porch, on your car, or even at your desk at work. As a symbol of free speech as well as the unity of all fifty states, the American flag carries with it a rich history worthy of honor and respect.
  2. Watch Fireworks – Every holiday has symbolic fixtures and traditional types of celebration. On the Fourth, watching or setting off fireworks is a great way to enjoy the evening with a blast. However, remember that safety comes first. Always allow a responsible and knowledgeable individual to handle fireworks. Better yet, consider going to a professionally conducted celebration.
  3. Host a Barbecue – As a classic trademark of American culture, the barbecue is an ancient and timeless tradition. Whether you’re roasting spare ribs or serving up burgers, hosting a barbecue provides a great opportunity to socialize with friends and neighbors while enjoying some good food at the same time.
  4. Give Back to the Community – Independence day is a joyous time for many of us, but it can also be a challenging time for families in need. Donating food, clothing, and other basic necessities serves as a great way to care for your fellow community members. If you’re short on money or supplies, try devoting your time instead.
  5. Wear Stars and Stripes – Not everyone has elaborate patriotic clothing that mimics the flag. But Independence Day is still a great occasion to wear red, white, and blue. A simple pair of blue jeans and a red or white shirt can help set the tone for an enjoyable day.
  6. Watch a Parade – Floats, marches, and parades usually offer spectacular attractions and amazing sights. If you’re looking for free entertainment and lots of colorful costumes with extravagant decorations, head down to the nearest parade and watch the festivities.
  7. Go Camping – America is famous for wide-reaching forests, deserts, mountains, and other national parks and recreation areas open for public use. If you’re looking to get away for the day, try taking a hike or riding your bike on a local trail. For those with more time to spare, consider an extended stay in the wilderness and admire the beauty of nature.
  8. Make Decorations – Creativity is a wonderful trait. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, try making patriotic decorations and crafts such as paintings, streamers, costumes, and more. When children or grandchildren get involved, celebrating the Fourth offers a great opportunity to bond with family members.
  9. Read the Declaration of Independence – It may be a short document, but the Declaration of Independence is one of the most profound and significant pieces of writing ever created. Remember what our ancestors fought for and why they chose to found a country based on freedom and equality.
  10. Learn More About History – The American Revolution was a fascinating turning point in the history of the world. After the revolution, similar upheavals arose throughout the nations of the New World as they broke away from their colonial countries of origin. Learning more about the origins of the United States can help you to better appreciate Independence Day and all that it stands for – both nationwide and worldwide.