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The financial world is full of convoluted terminology – and confusing definitions. Calculating variable interest rates, picking an optimal time to take out Social Security, and figuring out your tax deductions, for example, can all be a headache. If you’re interested in learning more about a reverse mortgage, there’s a lot of information out there on the internet, but do you have time to read it all? How do you know what information is helpful? How can you cut to the chase and learn the essentials? To get a holistic understanding of the reverse mortgage, look no further than our reverse mortgage information kit.

Our Informational Guide

The reverse mortgage information kit covers what you need to know about a reverse mortgage. Without a doubt, this loan is complex. But, many of its advantages are only possible because of its complexity. With ample context, in-depth examples of real-world situations, and descriptions of each type of reverse mortgage, the kit provides information that may be relevant to your needs and retirement goals.

While other such assets as stocks and retirement accounts are readily accessible, the money you’ve put into your home usually isn’t. Getting a reverse mortgage allows you to access the equity locked away in your home. For example, did you know that a reverse mortgage may allow you to live a better retirement without having to deal with the hassle of monthly mortgage payments? You’ll just have to pay your property taxes, homeowners insurance, and home maintenance costs. There is a lot of information about reverse mortgages out there, and this kit rolls much of it into one package.

In-Depth Description

When talking about complex financial products such as loans and lines of credit, the terminology can get confusing. Thankfully, our guides explain each concept and item in full detail. Avoiding confusion is a priority when talking about a complex product like a reverse mortgage, and that mentality is reflected in every paragraph. The kit also includes graphs and charts demonstrating the efficacy of the reverse mortgage as a financial tool for your retirement.

Interested in a Line of Credit?

The reverse mortgage line of credit product is an adjustable rate product and can be a flexible financial tool available to seniors today. The reverse mortgage information kit elaborates in great detail on the functionality of the standard HECM Fixed Rate mortgage, but it also gives much-needed attention to the line of credit. In fact, the kit includes a guide that specifically focuses on the line of credit. Unlike a traditional, fixed rate reverse mortgage, the Line of Credit allows your proceeds to remain accessible even if you don’t draw from that line. And the available funds in your line of credit grow over time.

The kit also provides numerous examples of the line of credit in action. You’ll learn what to expect and be able to put yourself in the shoes of others who have been in similar situations. For example, if you leave your line of credit to grow for several years, what will happen when you decide to withdraw from it? Depending on how much you withdraw, the balance on the loan will change. Withdrawing funds daily will have a different effect than, for instance, withdrawing a single large sum. Detailed descriptions, graphs, and images of these scenarios in action can be found in our kit.

An Easy Reading Experience

Computers have made our lives much more convenient in many ways. However, the simple act of reading isn’t always easy on the Web. Small fonts, bright lights, and screen glare can all increase computer eye strain and cause dry eye issues. By reading a physical copy of a document instead, you can avoid many of the problems that lead to eye strain. To make the reading experience simple and easy, we also include a free magnifier in all of our reverse mortgage information kits. This device includes a built-in LED light, a hidden pen, and of course, a handy magnifying lens for reading small font. This magnifier comes for free with the kit and can be used however you would like, with no obligation.

Whether you’d like to learn more about your retirement options, find out how you can make the best use of your assets, or discover a way to increase your retirement stability, the reverse mortgage information kit can serve a valuable learning purpose.

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