• Creative Ways to Display Travel Mementos

  • by Lindsay Schachinger

With 61,000 people flying over the U.S. at any given time, you could say traveling is a popular hobby. But, if you didn’t take a picture, did it really happen? Souvenirs, trinkets, and pictures from your favorite destinations don’t have to clutter up your home and collect dust. With a little creativity, these special mementos can be put to good use and add a unique touch to your home’s d├ęcor.

  • Sand Jars

If you live far from any body of water, a beach can easily be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a getaway. All beaches are not made equal. Their makeup of sand and shells varies around the world. If you want to remember the feeling of sand between your toes, take the beach back home with you. Pack a handful of sand and shells (in a sealed container) and, when you get home, print out one of your favorite pictures from your trip. Put the picture and the sand in a glass jar to display on a shelf. As you gather more trinkets from different beaches, use a variety of shapes and sizes of bottles to create a truly unique assortment. Label each bottle with the name and location of the beach to show off to your guests.

  • Keepsake Boxes

Memory boxes are not only used to organize your most treasured items from your childhood years. Decorate and label a keepsake box, place mementos from your trip inside, and situate the box on a bookshelf. It can be easy to forget all of the places you’ve been. This way you can neatly keep track of all the stunning areas you’ve traveled to around the world. Keep those memories safe and sound and take them out during special occasions to reminisce with family and friends.

  • Shadow Boxes

If you want to see all of your mementos front and center, go to your nearest craft store and pick out your favorite shadow box. Shadow boxes are a great way to display all of your memorabilia from your travel excursions. Label each box with the city and place you visited. If you want to get really creative, take a map from the city and cut out letters from the map to spell out the destination. Add a date or the year you went and hang the boxes up around your house. You can either place them next to each other to create a travel collage or put one in each room of your house.

  • Cubby Organizer

Bulkier souvenirs can be impossible to place in a shadow or memory box. No worries! Cubby organizers are the perfect alternative. They keep your items neatly arranged but still on display for everyone to see. You can get creative and label each cubby with the place you traveled or mix and match your items.

  • Coffee Tables

Postcards are typical items to collect while traveling. With a glass top coffee table, you can arrange the postcards the way you want beneath the glass and create a truly unique furniture piece. This is a great conversation starter when you have guests and requires little time and effort to create.

  • Glass Ornament

Fillable ornaments are a fun way to display different knick-knacks you gather on your road trip vacations or another place you can keep your beach sand. If you have a collection of foreign coins or keychains, throw them in an ornament to put on display during the holidays. Get even more creative and have an ornament for each city, state, or country you visited. Christmas is a great time to bring these mementos out and relive your favorite trips.