• Cool (Chilly) Places to Take the Grandkids this Summer!

  • by Crystal Tillett

Sweltering temperatures have recently hit the US, with someĀ states even hitting triple digits recently. High temperatures are dangerous, especially for children and seniors. So what do you do when you want to have fun with the grandkids, but it’s too hot to enjoy the outdoors safely? Below are a few cool options (literally and figuratively) for the days it’s too hot to hangout in the sun.

  1. Children’s Museums- There are numerous children’s museums around the country. These museums contain a lot of exhibits that catch children’s attention and allow them to learn through hands-on experiences. Most of these museums include interactive exhibits that will keep kids and adults entertained and engaged for hours. The best part? These places are usually inside, so air conditioning is provided for free.
  2. Movie Theaters- Summer is the time when a number of kids movies premier because the kids are out of school and parents are looking for something to do with them. Movie theaters are dark and air conditioned, providing the perfect escape from the hot sun. For about 90-120 minutes, you can get the kids to sit still and relax in a cool place, while watching their favorite characters on the big screen.
  3. Go to the Library- We all know that reading is important for young children, it helps their brains develop and they retain a lot of information that way. Keep their brains and imaginations active while they are out of school by providing them a free, seemingly unlimited supply of books. When it gets too hot to play outside, the public library is a great alternative. Libraries usually have air conditioning so it is a cool, calm atmosphere that you and your grandkids can enjoy while exploring the thousands upon thousands of wonderful books that the library has to offer.
  4. Bowling Alley- For an activity that allows the grandkids to expel a little more energy, try bowling. Bumper lanes allow for all kinds of skill levels. The bowling alley serves food and drinks too, as well as providing a few arcade games, so depending on how long you want to play, you could make a day of it.
  5. Waterparks- This is our only outside activity, but it is one that can still keep you cool. Waterparks provide numerous fun-filled water activities that will help cool you and the grandkids down. Whether it is riding down the water slides or floating down a lazy river, the waterpark can be a good balance for young children and older adults. If swimming isn’t your thing, you can keep cool under an umbrella, near a misting station, or in an air-conditioned area. While the kids run around, sit at the edge of the pool and dip your toes in. Another great part of waterparks is that they are equipped with lifeguards, so if you feel dehydrated or overheated, you can easily seek their help.

No matter what you choose to do with your grandchildren this summer, make sure you stay safe in the heat. Always drink plenty of water and wear loose-fitting clothes. Stay out of the heat when you can, always wear sunblock, and seek out other ways to keep cool this summer.