It’s Sunday night and, after a few inches of snowfall, your daughter┬áis frantically calling you because school has already been cancelled and she doesn’t have a babysitter. Of course, you’ll spend the day with your grandchild, but what will you do to keep them entertained all day?! We’ve got a few ideas for indoor and outdoor fun that don’t require too many materials or too much prep time.


Stay warm by having fun indoors. Here are a few ways to bring winter inside.

  1. Tape Snowflakes: Adhere tape to white construction. Make pieces of tape into a snowflake shape. Make a few snowflakes. Have your grandchild paint a blue sky all over the white paper. Once the paint is dry, peel off the tape and white snowflakes appear!
  2. Make Snow Play Dough: Use this recipe from the Imagination Tree. Mix corn flour, starch, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, and boiling water. Add in glycerin for smoothness and, of course, silver glitter to make the “snow” effect.
  3. Create snow: In an earlier post (before the snow storm on the East Coast), we talked about how much we miss the snow and how to “make it snow” for the holidays. We found another way to make snow. Simply mix 1/2 cup of white conditioner with 3 cups of baking soda and enjoy!


Before heading outside, make sure the temperatures are safe for your grandkids and you! If it’s not too cold, enjoy a few of these activities that don’t require too much physical activity.

  1. Snow Paint: Mix water and food coloring to make various colors of “paint.” Put them in dollar-store, plastic spray bottles or squeezable, plastic ketchup bottles (those kinds that are always at the diner). Then go out and paint the snow! Just be mindful of stains – it is food coloring after all.
  2. Snowball Buckets: This is just like the Bozo the Clown game, except with snowballs. Line six buckets vertically and draw a line a few feet from the first bucket. Craft six snowballs and have your grandchild toss the snowball into the first bucket. Once they make it, have them toss into the second bucket, then third, and so on.
  3. Play Frozen Board Games: Play some of your favorite board games with the snow as the board! Draw a checkers board in the snow or play tic tac toe. Color red, green, blue, and yellow circles on the snow for some frozen twister. Go even bigger and more creative by making up your own board game and drawing it into the snow.

Do you have some creative winter activities? What are they?