Over time, technology has made giant, advanced leaps in terms of what we use as a phone, computer, book, etc. For some people, it is hard to grasp or get used to this rapidly growing technological era. However, these advancements do help make life a little easier. In fact, there are even some gadgets designed to make life easier for aging Americans. Here are just a few.

Drive Sharp

As we get older, it is inevitable that we won’t have the same eyes and ears that we had in our 20s. Surroundings are harder to hear and see, especially when driving. Drive Sharp is an online learning driver’s training course that helps with being more aware, reacting faster and seeing better on the road, day or night. This program is available to AAA members at a discount, and some insurance companies even offer it for free as a preventative strategy.

True Link

True Link is a gift to all when it comes to managing money as you get older. True Link is essentially a pre-paid debit card. You or whomever you deem in charge can control your funds easily and safely through this financial protection-centered card. True Link is all about protecting older Americans from fraud or scams. You can choose where the card works, receive real-time alerts, limit ATM withdrawals, and disable wire transfers. However, it still provides a sense of independence because it leaves older Americans still in charge of their own finances if they choose to be.

Lively Medical Alert System

This product might be similar to ones you have seen before, for instance, life alert. However, there are some differences. This medical alert system is also a watch. It comes with activity sensors to place around the home so that it can detect an emergency in any room. Not only does it alert the Lively team and emergency contacts to an accident, but it also keeps track of many other day-to-day events. Medication reminders, step counting, and fall detection are some of the features this unique device provides.

TV Ears

Problems hearing the TV when it’s on are common in many older Americans’ households. We either have to turn it all the way up or sit two feet in front of the screen. With TV ears, neither of those alternatives are necessary. This headset-like device is designed to clarify the words that are being spoken on the television. With the headphones right in your ears, you can hear the TV at your own volume while other family members or friends adjust the actual TV to their preferred volume. It is a win-win for all involved.

PeepHole Viewer

If you have ever had a tough time seeing out of the peephole on your front door, this product is for you. The PeepHole Viewer is a display that makes the view from your peephole bigger. Using LCD Panel technology, the PeepHole Viewer makes looking at who is knocking on the door that much easier. This product also makes home security even stronger by preventing burglars from using the reverse peephole tool. This device reverses the view of your peephole to allow people on the outside view your everyday life inside your home.

Nifty Gadgets for Older Americans