In today’s emerging global marketplace, countless internet startups have blossomed into existence, adding new kinds of services and products to fill niche roles. From web-based home cleaning services to unconventional food delivery systems, convenience defines the burgeoning on-demand industry. Today’s retirees can get great value out of these services, so we’re describing just a few that almost everyone will find useful. Add simplicity to your daily routine with the following on-demand opportunities.


Founded in 2009, Uber has grown to become one of today’s leading transportation services. This San Francisco-based company offers rides for Uber customers who have the app on their smartphones, and includes a simple one-tap ride request system, clear pricing, the ability to split your fare with a friend, and an emphasis on reliability. However, beware of surge pricing, which increases the cost of rides during times of high demand. If you’re out on the town on New Year’s Eve, you may want to consider an alternative to Uber, but for all other intents and purposes, it’s an expedient and sensible choice.


As the oldest startup listed here, Peapod began in 1989 and operates today as an online grocery shopping company. For Americans living in such eastern states as Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and others, Peapod allows you to order groceries for delivery with a convenient online service. Whether you would like your order delivered tomorrow or in two weeks, your groceries will come at a time convenient for you. Rates typically fall below ten dollars per order and grow more efficient with larger orders. From farm-fresh produce to fine meats and everything in between, Peapod provides.


Wish there was an easier way to order delivery? Ever wish you could remember which restaurants delivered in your area? Delivering fare from roughly 35,000 restaurants in over 900 cities, Grubhub connects local restaurants with hungry customers. With Grubhub, you can find both nearby delivery restaurants and hordes of take-out places near you. Search by restaurant name, menu item, type of cuisine, etc. As soon as you find something you like, you’re able to place your order online or over the phone, for free. Providing reviews, occasional coupons, and a customer care team that tracks your order, GrubHub does its best to make your hunger disappear.


If you’ve ever struggled to find a reliable home cleaning service, look no further than Handy, formerly known as Handybook. Available in 28 cities, this fresh startup – designed by two roommates attending Harvard Business School – provides all sorts of ‘handy’ services ranging from home cleaning to furniture assembly, moving help, interior painting, assistance with light fixtures, and other home improvement jobs. Unlike many of its competitors, Handy offers a convenient app and website, allowing a customer’s card on file to be charged. No need to leave a pile of cash behind. Best of all, the company’s freelancers undergo rigorous screening procedures, and only 3% of all applicants are accepted. If you need someone to give you a hand, choose Handy.

Unwind Me

Speaking of handy services, Unwind Me offers full massage treatments in the comfort of your own home. Based in San Francisco, Unwind Me delivers professional service via online booking, and overall seeks to improve accessibility for their customers. Online booking and payments allow customers to forget the hassle of tips and taxes and immerse themselves in their massage. Therapists are state licensed, insured, background checked, receive hundreds of hours of training, and are personally vetted by the company. It’s also a good gig for the therapists. Each masseuse earns two to three times more than their standard industry counterpart and benefits from scheduling flexibility. Whether your muscles are wound up, or you’re simply stressed out, consider Unwind Me.

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