• Inexpensive Outdoor Halloween Decorations

  • by Lauren Russell

In our opinion, one of the best parts of staying in the home you love is being able to decorate it however you want for the holidays. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for outdoor decorations. Dressing up your yard for Halloween is made even more fun by the fact that hundreds of kids will enjoy them as they run through the neighborhood knocking on doors for candy.

While decorating for the holidays is fun, it can quickly get expensive. While you can find a number of ideas on Pinterest, we’re listing our favorite inexpensive outdoor Halloween decorations to help you create a spooky and exciting yard.

Milk Gallon Ghosts: The shape and color of plastic milk gallons make turning them into ghosts a breeze. Collect a few plastic jugs and make sure to clean them out! Then draw eyes and a mouth – whatever face you want – on one side with a black sharpie marker. If the caps aren’t white, paint them. Throw a handful of string lights or a fake candle inside to set them aglow. Some people line their sidewalk with them, hang them, or group them together in one spot.

Pumpkin Leaf Bags: Pumpkin leaf bags are not only decorative, but they’re also functional. You can buy them at most grocery stores, and the set up is extremely easy – it only requires you to rake (or pay someone to rake) your lawn! Shove your leaves into the bags, decorated like pumpkins and leave them on your lawn through the holidays. Once Halloween is over, toss them on the curb for removal.

Monster Door: Give your door a spooky makeover that doesn’t require much work – or money. For the easiest decoration that requires the least amount of work, simply attached big eyes and a big mouth to your door to make it look like a giant face. Or, if you are feeling more crafty, wrap your door with white crepe paper and attach eyes to make it look like a mummy.

Glowing Eyes: All you need for this creepy decoration is a few toilet paper or paper towel rolls and glow sticks. Simply cut two eye shapes out of the tubes and place them in your bushes. At night, stick glow sticks into the tubes. It will look like glowing eyes coming from your bushes.

Wreath of Eyeballs: Nothing is creepier or more disgusting than a wreath of eyeballs. And it’s pretty cheap too! Simply hot glue googly eyes onto ping pong balls and then hot glue the ping pong balls onto a wreath form. Tie it with a festive ribbon (orange and black would do just fine) to hang it on your door.

For more ideas, check out our Halloween Board on Pinterest!


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