• Food For Thought: World’s Wackiest Restaurants

  • by Lauren Russell

When it comes to quirky or themed restaurants, there’s a fine line between being trendy and being gimmicky. Few restaurants can get it right, but the ones that do are able to hit a tourist goldmine – and most likely garner attention from Food Network. Here, we pick some of our favorite restaurants from around the world that take dining to the next level, without skimping on the quality of their cuisine.

O.Noir – This “dine in the dark” restaurant heightens certain senses by taking away one big one, sight. Visitors of O.Noir in Toronto and Montreal step into a world their visually-impaired servers experience every day, complete darkness.

Dinner in the Sky – If heights make you lose your lunch, you might not want to get dinner at this Belgium restaurant that dangles diners from a crane 50 meters in the sky. Up to 22 strapped-in diners can enjoy drinks and a meal prepared in front of them by an experienced chef.

Ninja New York – When it comes to the experience you’ll have at this restaurant, you won’t even see it coming. The interior replicates a 17th-century Japanese ninja village complete with stone walls, distressed wood, bamboo structures and ninjas who pop out at you as you walk through the restaurant. The food is elegant, but the atmosphere – complete with a magic show – makes it a good place to bring the grandkids.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant – You’ll never have to flag down your waiter for more water at this restaurant. That’s because Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines sits at the base of a waterfall. Diners are encouraged to take off their shoes and enjoy their Filipino cuisine at Bamboo dining tables while water rushes under their feet.

‘s Baggers – A meal at s’ Baggers in Nuremberg is thrilling – for the diner and the food. After placing your order on a tablet, the Franconian meal comes zooming down on a mini roller coaster track from the kitchen above. And just because the food takes a joyride before arriving at your table, that doesn’t mean it is subpar. The cuisine includes pork shoulder and suckling pig and is low in fat and gluten free.

Hajime Robot Restaurant – Sci-Fi fans who dine at this Bangkok restaurant will enjoy having their food served by dancing robots. While the robots are efficient, there is still a glass window in front of your table to guard against any spills.