When some people retire, they may want to enjoy their new life in a new state. However, there are some states that you may want to stay away from. Luckily for retirees looking to move, Bankrate has listed the worst states to retire in. The report took in several statistics into consideration when choosing the worst states to retire in: such as cost of living, health care, crime rates, tax rates, and weather. Read below to see what the five worst states are for retirement.


Music enthusiasts may want to move to Louisiana for the Jazz music scene, but it isn’t the best state to retire in. Coming in at the fifth worst state to retire is Louisiana. The Sugar State might be an affordable place to live, but high crime and poor health care make it not the place for retirees. The health care quality in Louisiana is not great, coming in as the nation’s fifth-lowest score.

West Virginia

West Virginia may have scenery and other outdoor activities to do, but it is not suggested to retire there. The Mountain State is listed as the fourth worst place to retire. West Virginia has a very poor healthcare system. According to Bankrate, “The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which monitors state health care systems, gave West Virginia its lowest rating in the country.” The state also earned the lowest score in personal happiness in the entire country. Who wants to retire somewhere where people are never happy?


If you enjoy hiking, wildlife, and nature, Alaska is the place for you to visit, but it is not recommended you retire there. Alaska is the third worst state to retire in. It is expensive to buy and rent homes in Alaska. Bankrate stated, “In 2014, apartment rentals averaged $1,280 per month in Anchorage, or 40 percent more than the national average, while homes were 62 percent higher than the national average”. Alaska has a high crime rate as well. They have the fifth worst rate of violent crimes and property crimes in the whole nation. Alaska is known as The Last Frontier State, so maybe this would be the “Last” state you would look to retire in.

New York

New York has so many unique things to do, which probably is the reason why so many people live in and visit The Big Apple. Unfortunately, The Capital of the World is not the best place for retirees. In fact, New York ranks number two on the list of worst states to retire in the country. The tax rates and cost of living in New York are significantly higher compared to most of the other states. New York has the highest income tax rate in the U.S. and is ranked fourth in property tax in the nation. If you decide to retire in The Big Apple, be prepared to spend “Big” bucks.


Arkansas, known as The Land of Opportunity, isn’t really living up to that nickname. Arkansas has been voted the number one worst state to retire in. It may not be the most expensive state to live in, but its weak health care quality and high crime rate is what makes it the worst state to retire in. The state is ranked fourth lowest in happiness scores, has the sixth highest crime rate, and holds the seventh lowest health care quality score in the nation. Arkansas may be “The Land of Opportunity”, but it sure is not “The Land of Places to Retire”.

Wherever you would like to retire is completely up to you. At the end of the day, retire somewhere where you will be content and some place that you will be able to afford. If you do choose to move to another state, you may want to consider purchasing a home with a reverse mortgage, which can help you and never have to make a monthly mortgage payment as long as you live in the home.