Fall is only a week away and while it may be the time kids go back to school, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There’s an abundance of activities to do in the fall besides reading, writing, and arithmetic. Here, we’ve got a list to help you have fun with the grandkids this season.

Apple Orchards and Cider Mills: Apple pie, apple cider, caramel apples, bobbing for apples – the fruit has almost become synonymous with fall. What better place to experience these tasty morsels of fall than at an orchard, where you can pick them yourself. Many apple orchards and cider mills have other fall activities too, including corn mazes, hay rides, petting farms, and donut and cider sampling.

Amusement Parks: We aren’t suggesting you go on the thrill rides. Many amusement parks (Cedar Point and Six Flags, to name a few) have family-friendly, Halloween-themed weekends that may feature costumed parades, Halloween-themed shows, trick or treating, and kid-friendly haunted houses.

Football Games: College football and the NFL season kick off right in the beginning of fall. The atmosphere during these football games is electrifying as groups of people come together to cheer on one team and show pride for their school or city. Kids will have fun cheering on their favorite player, wagging foam fingers in the air, and looking for themselves to appear on the big screen.

Hiking: You can hike during any of the four seasons, but nothing beats the sensory overload of hiking in the fall. Take in the bright oranges, yellows, and reds on leaves. Watch as the wind plucks them from their branches and sends them drifting to the ground, leaving a crisp aroma in the air and a crunching sound below your hiking boot. The cool weather pairs perfectly with the sights and sounds of fall and keeps you comfortable on your walk.

Pumpkin Patches: One of the most celebrated Halloween activities is carving pumpkins. Other fall activities with this squash plant include roasting its seeds and making pumpkin pie. Just like apple orchards, pumpkin patches bring the fun of picking your very own pumpkin. Similarly, they may also include corn mazes, tractor rides, and petting farms. Kill two birds with one stone and find a pumpkin patch/apple orchard hybrid to visit.

Raking Leaves: Turn a chore into something fun by jumping into one big pile or holding competitions to see who can rake the most leaves. Have a leaf throwing war, save a few leaves for a craft project, or stuff your piles into Halloween-themed trash bags to use as outdoor decoration. If you are physically able, volunteer to rake the yards of other seniors in the neighborhood or the homes of people with poor health or physical disabilities.

Halloween Party: Take your grandkids to a Halloween party or host your own. There are a multitude of fall activities you can do while you’re there, including carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, eating donuts off a string, and telling scary stories. Invite guests to wear their Halloween costumes to get extra use out of them!

Visit the Zoo: Aside from being able to roam the zoo in cooler, more comfortable temperatures, a number of zoos also host Halloween events that feature safe trick-or-treating, creative d├ęcor, and costumed characters.

Fall Fun with the Grandkids