• Zing! Room for Improvement Sweepstakes

  • by Austin Quinn

Renovations are rewarding. Fulfilling. They grant us a sense of accomplishment after a job well done, a feeling of anticipation for something new, and a hope for future progress. Here at One Reverse Mortgage, we love home improvements and new ways of adding value to an old home.

But, we know that renovations take time. And money. Lots of money. While most of us have other obligations to spend our hard-earned dollars on, we still wish to improve our homes. If you’ve got limited funds but the yearning to redecorate and renovate a room in your home, we have an answer for you. For a chance to win $5,000 to renovate any room in your home, enter the Zing Room for Improvement Sweepstakes sponsored by our sister company, Quicken Loans!

The grand prize winner will earn $5,000 towards home renovations, and two other winners will receive $500 each to remodel and redecorate. From today through September 25th, you can enter daily for a chance to win. Once you’ve entered, check out Zing’s interactive guide to inspire your remodeling and renovations. Consider the following possibilities suggested by Zing.

The Kitchen

Cooking up a casserole, frying fresh foods, and baking bountiful desserts all takes place in the kitchen, a room for action and change. While granite countertops have dominated design philosophy in the last few years, quartz and other kinds of stone have recently risen to the challenge. Strong, durable, heat and stain resistant quartz offers a natural, honed appeal to any countertop.

The Bedroom

While you may not frequent this room as often as the kitchen, the bedroom acts as your sanctuary, a place of serenity and respite from the troubles of the day. Soft and neutral colors make the room feel more open and contribute to this relaxing vibe. Install ample lighting – wall sconces, ceiling spotlights, and reading lamps all serve as popular sources of light.

The Living Room

Whether you’re relaxing after a long day at work, enjoying a board game with family, or inviting friends over for Sunday football, it’s important to keep your living room comfortable and presentable. As an ever-more-popular trend, the minimalist lifestyle reminds us: less is more. Oversized furniture and dispensable doo-dads have fallen before the sleek lines and elegant design of quality over quantity.

Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes daily from now through September 25th. If you haven’t done so yet, don’t wait. Enter now and reward your inner renovator!