• Six Eco Friendliest Hotels in the World

  • by Lauren Russell

You may want to plant your feet on places all over the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your carbon footprint. The eco movement has gained momentum in recent years and it’s made its way into travel. Eco-tourism destinations are popping up all over the world and we found some of the best. When we started our research, we couldn’t believe the number of eco-friendly hotels in the world. To narrow the list down, we took a look at such criteria as building materials used, water use, disposal, and eco activities and education.

968 Park Hotel, Lake Tahoe, CA: Steps away from the Heavenly Ski Village and just a few blocks away from Lake Tahoe and the Nevada state line, this boutique hotel features a rustic look made from sustainable materials. Each room comes filled with organic soaps, lotions, and linens. The bathrooms feature dual-flush toilets and faucets with low flow aerators, while the entire building is insulated with material recycled from blue jeans.

Amazon Yarapa River Lodge, Peru: When you visit Amazon Yarapa River Lodge, chances are you’ll encounter a number of wildlife. That’s because the remote location on an Amazon River tributary in the rainforest makes it a perfect setting. Located on a rainforest reserve, the hotel is made from wood and plant materials and features a thatch roof. It uses river water for all non-drinking needs and is 95% powered by a solar power station. Guests can attend shaman ceremonies, ride in dugout canoes, and even actively participate in the research and rehabilitation of manatees.

Ard Nahoo, Ireland: The EU Flower promotes environmental excellence in businesses across Europe and Ard Nahoo was the first business in Ireland to receive it. The eco retreat offers yoga classes and spa treatments along with overnight stays in wooden cabins heated by wood pellet stoves and hemp insulation. Each cabin features a kitchen to cook your own meals, or you can order vegetarian meals made by a local chef and delivered to your cabin.

Kw’o:kw’e:hala, BC, Canada: Organic Earth Magazine named this eco Bed and Breakfast one of the five best eco getaways in Canada. Located along the Coquihalla River, Kw’o:kw’e:hala provides meals made from ingredients picked from an organic garden and small orchard. The retreat reuses linens and robes from luxury hotels, composts its organic waste, and uses reusable food and beverage containers.

The Pacuare Jungle Lodge, Costa Rica: You’ll know you’re on a unique trip from the moment you leave the airport. That’s because you can choose to take ground transportation or raft down the river to The Pacuare Jungle Lodge. Nestled in the rainforest, the lodge uses mostly candles and lanterns as light. That doesn’t mean the destination skimps on luxury. There is a spa on site along with honeymoon suites with private pools. Along with housing visitors, The Pacuare Jungle Lodge has also saved native animals by purchasing a large amount of primary rainforest in danger of being wiped out. This untouched area of land is off limits to visitors to keep it preserved.

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