• Five of the Most Unique Hotels in the World

  • by Lauren Russell

When people travel, they often times just get a hotel that is a good price and will sleep them comfortably. After all, the hotel is really just needed to change and rest. But what if the hotel was actually part of your adventure. What if it was the reason you were traveling to that location in the first place? We found a few hotels that make the trip worthwhile without ever leaving the building.

Sala Silvermine in Sweden – Said to be the deepest hotel room in the world, the Mine Suite at the Sala Silvermine in Sweden allows guests to sleep 155 meters (about 508 feet) below ground. The elegant suite features two metallic silver chairs, a few candles, and a bed. Carved out by hand 300 years ago, the suite is not for the claustrophobic or easily chilled. The small, two-person suite is only heated to 18 degrees Celsius (roughly 64 degrees Fahrenheit) – a heat wave compared to the normal 2-degree Celsius (35 degree Fahrenheit), year-round temperature of the mine. A night in the suite includes wine and cheese before bed and a breakfast in the morning.

Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore – If you enjoy unique interior design, check in to the Wanderlust Hotel, which features single-hued rooms, themed rooms, pop-art rooms, and origami-inspired rooms. Each room has its own personality, often containing such one-of-a-kind features as a glass-encased bathtub, vintage iron cast bath tub, and all-glass bathrooms. There are five different themes in the collection of whimsical suites: Typewriter, Bling, ASCII, Space, and Tree. Depending on the theme, these loft-style rooms may include a giant typewriter, a space shuttle with stuffed aliens, or a starry sky.

La Balade des Gnomes in Belgium – If you like fairytales, you’ll find La Balades des Gnomes enchanting. Each of the 10 themed rooms is filled with intricate details that allow the imagination to spring to life. Depending on which room you choose, you may find a sailboat bed floating in a pool, a starry desert sky, a stream that runs through the bedroom, or deep mosaic tubs. There’s even a Trojan Horse suite – inside an actual Trojan horse with a drawbridge entrance!

Hotel de Glace in Canada – It’s hard to keep a block of ice from melting in the summer, so make sure you book your stay at Hotel de Glace sometime between January and March, the only time it’s open. One step into the awe-inspiring hotel and you’ll see why they only keep it open during the winter – it’s completely made of ice. Sit on ice stools and drink out of ice glasses at the ice bar, slip down a giant ice slide, or spend the night sleeping on a decorated ice block. There’s sculptures all around and the hotel even features a breathtaking ice chandelier.

Hollywood Barges in England – Enjoy your vacation floating on the waters of the Albert Dock in Liverpool inside one of three themed boats of Hollywood Barges. The Yellow Submarine pays homage to the Beatles with a psychedelic interior that features gold discs from The Beatles, a scooter from the film Quadrophena, and furniture from Paris, Italy, and New York. The Joker boat was originally made to be featured as the Joker’s home in Batman, but all of its scenes were cut out of the film. The boat now features a contemporary interior with sleek furniture and rich fabrics. The Titanic boat will make guests feel like a member of the upper class with gold and black d├ęcor, a chandelier, and a backdrop of the famous grand staircase of the ship.

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